Products \ High-precision steel band and steel foil

1. Product Description

  • High-precision steel foil and band

2. General technical characteristics of the steel band produced:

  • Thickness: 0.05-2 mm; roll width: up to 712mm;
  • Improved evenness and waviness characteristics;
  • Thickness variation: +/- 0.002 mm;
  • Highest characteristics for formability and complicated deep drawing ability.

3. Additional Properties and Services Offered

  • Ultralow temper (min 0.0005%)
  • Special magnetic properties (used for shielding and electricalsheet steels)
  • Longitudinal roll cutting into narrow bands
  • Application of microrelief onto metal surface (surface roughness: 0.16-4.0 micron);
  • Application of polymeric coatings and chromium plating of bands

The products are manufactured according to Russian and international standards, and in accordance with consumers' individual specifications.

4. Product Application

  • Shielding materials for the electronic industry
  • Segments and other components for accumulator batteries (other than leadacid batteries)
  • Cases of household accumulator batteries and chemical sources of electric energy (other than leadacid batteries)
  • Armor (armoring tape) for the production of opticalfiber cables
  • Armor (armoring tape) for the production of electric cables (incl. telephone cables)
  • Production of bearings F
  • or a wide application in the manufacture of components of various devices, where additional high drawing properties of metals are required
  • Gasket and sealant materials armored (reinforced) with steel band (automotive industry, production of automobile engines)
  • Medical roentgenographic cassettes
  • Electric bulb bases
  • Magnetic conductors, generators, electric motors, relays, switches, and other devices and components (electrotechnical lowcarbon and lowsilicon steels without insulation).