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Shchelkovo (city history);

The first mention of "weight" (village) of Shchelkovo is revealed in the writing - "Acts of the Russian State of 1505-1526". From one of these acts we learn that the owner of this village V.I.Homutov in 1522 transferred it according to the will to the Trinity - Sergiyeva to monastery. And a bit later the name "Shchelkovo" meets once again in "Pistsova to the book of the Moscow state of the 16th eyelid" from 1584 for 1586.

In the middle of the 19th century four territories or four settlements, namely the villages of Shchelkovo, the Petty-bourgeois settlement (the Klyazma River right bank), Sobolevo and a part of the territory of the village of Homutovo in the development formed an economic, social, household, demographic community. But the history could measure even more than half a century before this community became stronger and finally ripened for a further quantum leap. Only on May 31, 1923 the resolution of Presidium of the Moscow Council It is working - Country and Red Army deputies the settlement of Shchelkovo was recognized as the settlement of city type, and on August 17, 1925 this community received the city status - "cities of Shchelkovo". This day the Shchelkovo volost, and Shchelkovo was formed, having left a hard centuries-old way, became the volost city, having united Grebnevsky and Oseevsky volosts.

In January, 1929 as a part of the Moscow region the Shchelkovo area with the center in the city of Shchelkovo is educated. In the 50th years the city was transformed especially actively: in the central areas it not became visible neither lawns, nor clearings, neither twisting and curve footpaths, nor lodges with the walls bent from time, small shops and anything else that would remind the slobodka which have left now in the past. In a city panorama the wide asphalted streets, multi-storey buildings, shops of modern type, a construction social cultural appointment became dominating. The big park which has received a name 40 - lithium of Great October is broken, there were squares. And in 1958 the Palace of culture was constructed.

Today Shchelkovo is the center of one of the most developed industrial regions of Moscow area. On territories of this area, which area it is approximately equal to the area of Moscow, lives about 250 thousand people more than 110 settlements.

JSC Shchelmet is on entry into the city of Shchelkovo from Shchelkovskoye Highway, at distance of 15 km from MKAD. From Shchelkovskaya metro station regularly there are share taxis to the city of Shchelkovo, JSC Shchelmet stop. Time in a way of 35 minutes. The management and the staff of plant takes active part in city and area life, and plant problems constantly are in sight of regional and city administrations.

The JSC Shchelmet collective takes part in anniversary Parade of the Victory (Shchelkovo, 2010).

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