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Now JSC Shchelkovsky metallurgichesky zavod represents a production complex with a totality of the equipment necessary for release of a precision holodnokatany strip, located in own territory in the area more than 12 hectares, with a convenient automobile entrance and the Ry message. The plant is equipped with resources and all communications: the electric power, natural gas, water supply system (including the cooler), cleanings and transportations of industrial drains; is available own boiler and compressor; system of protection and electronic throughput system.

All equipment made by the leading European companies, is in an excellent condition and has a big resource. JSC Shchelmet was kept by the technical and technological personnel, necessary for production of any kinds of production.

On JSC Shchelmet the following equipment is placed:

1. The inspection line with built-in rolling mill КВАРТО of 920 Sundwig (Germany).

It is used at intake of metal for check of its quality (including with preliminary rolling), sinks and windings on a technological sleeve.

2. Precision rolling mill КВАРТО of 800 Sundwig (Germany)

Systems of automatic equipment of a camp provide three channels of regulation of a profile: method of impact on a distortion, to-protivo-bend of working wolves, zonal temperature pro-tapering. As a result the camp is capable to make production in thickness from 0,07 mm, with deviations on a raznotolshchinnost no more than 2 microns.

3. Line of degreasing Sundwig (Germany)

It is used for cleaning of the strip rolled till intermediate thickness before annealing, and also for rewind of rolls on purpose to avoid metal agglomeration.

Provides residual impurity of a strip (mechanical inclusions and the oil remains) no more than 10 мгр on 1 sq.m.

4. Line of kolpakovy furnaces of rekristalizatsionny annealing of "EBNER", Austria. The line is equipped with the special devices providing high quality of annealing.

5. The line of decarbonizing EBNER furnaces, Austria with the raspushivaniye device of rolls of the Sundwig company (Germany).

Furnaces allow to lower the content of carbon in a rolled material to thousand shares of percent. Annealing is carried out in the environment of 100 % of hydrogen.

6. Line of rewind Sundwig (Germany).

It is used for dense winding of the annealed metal in order to avoid a proskalzyvaniye of rounds during training or the second rolling.

7. Line of editing Sundwig (Germany). Turns on correct растяжную the car, a site for welding of rolls, a site of quality control of a strip. Provides drawing possibility on metal of a protective oil covering.

8. Vysokostelazhny warehouse. The system of internal logistics provides storage of all rolls in a vysokostelazhny warehouse, from where rolls in an automatic mode, at the command of the operator, can be transferred to any unit and come back after completion of processing. Such systems allows to avoid any damage of edges, inevitable at a placement of a roll on a floor.

9. The Valtseshlifovalny workshop is equipped with machines for high-quality polishing of basic and working wolves of the Herkules Germany company, and also the equipment for a teksturirovaniye of working wolves (Great Britain).

10. The equipped laboratory.

Total area of the main production room – about 14 thousand sq.m. All shops are equipped with cranes loading capacity of 10-20 tons.

The photo of the equipment can look in the Photo gallery